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Getting Married and becoming a housewife? Or, being an inexperienced cook, do you want to expand your expertise in cooking and baking?

The SHANAAZ PARKER COOKING CLUB is the answer. Whether you are preparing a regular family meal or for special occasions, a small function or one catering for thousands, the CLUB can empower you with the essential skills - from routine offerings to creative ideas.

All our recipes have been tried and tested by the Athlone Technical College School of Cooking home economists. Every one of our wide selection of recipes will give you excellent results and it will become indispensable to you. Cooking and baking will become an exciting and rewarding activity.

DID YOU KNOW that cooking and baking can actually be therapeutic, rewarding and fun? Most of us are familiar with the sense of accomplishment after successfully completing an important task. Cooking and baking are important activities because they serve the basic human need of eating and drinking. So why not serve this need with pride in your skills and with the elegance of a trained professional?

Our recipes do not require complicated and costly equipment or ingredients. They are inexpensive, healthy and are guaranteed free of preservatives and artificial additives. Above all, they have the true taste of home cooking which is definitely missing from mass produced versions in department stores.

The idea of cooking out of Shanaaz Club File Recipes every day can at first seem daunting, but the practice itself is simple and the necessary skills are easy to acquire. Do not be discouraged if on the first read, recipes seem complicated. They are not.

Home-made treats are ideal for giving as gifts, with that truly personal touch, and are satisfying to both receiver and giver alike. Home-made gifts can be presented in so many attractive ways.

Baking has acquired the reputation as a very skilled branch of cooking, one to be left to the professional baker. Yes, this is true to some extent, but with the Shanaaz Parker Cooking Club recipes, baking requires only a little attention to simple detail. Following instructions, technical advice and information will be easy and you will discover how easy it is become a precise and professional baker.

Being a member of the Club will show immediate results and can be immensely satisfying and we pledge to bring you satisfaction and joy in all aspects of the culinary arts. Benefits will be enormous and too numerous to mention, but here are some of the important advantages:

What do I benefit from the Club?

  • on becoming a member, you will receive a certificate as well as a membership card.
  • discounts from various companies (in the Western Cape) on producing your membership card.
  • invitations to attend special demonstrations on various aspects of the culinary arts.
  • use of our help line as often as needed, for firsthand advice on all your cooking, baking and catering needs.
  • access to our database of experienced and qualified graduates for any kind of assistance.
  • quarterly newsletters with up to date information and about 8 to 12 new recipes. useful tips and hints that solve problems and make life in the kitchen so much easier.
  • discounts on courses offered at the School of Cooking.
  • competitions and prizes.
  • Festive themes incorporated in relevant newsletters covering complete 5 course meals.

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